Eat List Star Semi Finalist: Clayton Klyne

Semi Finalists

Clayton Klyne

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Clayton Klyne, 38, is a professional chef from Canada who currently resides in Australia. His love for food began early. Clayton’s dad was also a chef and he used to take his son to work in order to keep him out of trouble! He started working in the kitchen at the age of 14 and has never looked back. Driven by his taste for adventure, Clayton went on a self-funded 8 month food tour across Asia with his brother and best friend. Together, they learned local recipes, many from street hawkers themselves. Although he has over two decades of professional cooking experience – ranging from running a Sunday street food market in Canada, to working in an upscale restaurant in Australia’s Gold Coast – Clayton admits that he will “always prefer cooking at home”. He calls his cooking style “clean, rustic home cooking” and enjoys working with accessible ingredients that he’s able to get at his local supermarket. With Eat List Star, Clayton wants to put the fun back in to spending time in the kitchen, and show people how easy and enjoyable cooking can be. 

Click here to view his Challenge 1: Philips Challenge creations 

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