Abbey Clancy's good genes

Abbey Clancy considers herself lucky enough to eat what she likes because of her good "genes", but when she's modelling she tries to lay off junk food.

Abbey Clancy's good genes

Abbey Clancy claims her hot body is down to being blessed with healthy genes.

The 'Britain's Next Top Model' judge - who has two children, Sophia, four, and seven-month-old daughter Liberty with her footballer husband Peter Crouch - doesn't like to overindulge in junk food when she is modelling, but finds it hard to resist because she is a foodie.

Asked how she maintains her stunning figure, she said: "It's just genes. If I've got a big job on, or if I'm going on holiday, I won't sit and eat a packet of biscuits with a cup of tea - I'll try and be a bit good. But I love my food. I've got kids and I'm married to a professional athlete, so I can't have fish and chips every night. Although we did last night. We got a takeaway."

Elsewhere, the 29-year-old model gushed about the first time she met fashion designer Victoria Beckham at an England game in Portugal and how she was wearing all designer gear, while Abbey was wearing clothes from high street brand H&M.

She told InStyle magazine: "Peter was like, "I want you to come to Portugal with me." It was with the England team, and Victoria Beckham was there head to toe in designer clothes, and I'm there in my little H&M vest."

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