Adriana Lima: I don't like selfies

Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima isn't a "selfie person", but only posts self-portraits on her Instagram account when she's in the gym.

Adriana Lima: I don't like selfies

Adriana Lima isn't a "selfie person".

The Victoria's Secret Angel insists she's not a big fan uploading self-portraits onto her Instagram account except when she's in the gym.

She said: "I try to share something besides my work. You can see what I do when I'm on TV or in a magazine, so I share my personal life - people and things that I love, places that I go, quotes that I find inspiring.

"I don't consider myself a selfie person so much, but I do have a lot of selfies from the gym, I have to confess. Everybody knows what I look like with hair and makeup, so I want to show the side of Adriana that my kids see, that my mom sees, that my best friends see."

The 34-year-old model kept her phone close to hand when she was backstage at the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show but saved the snaps for her eyes only because she wanted to keep the lingerie show "mysterious" before it aired on television.

She told AdWeek: "I took a lot of pictures, but I didn't post too many images of me from the show. The show didn't air yet, so I like to keep it as mysterious as I can and keep some surprise for whoever is going to watch at home. But I just downloaded Periscope and Snapchat. Honestly, I'm still learning about them. I haven't posted anything yet."

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