Alesha Dixon shares secret to flawless skin

Alesha Dixon admitted she doesn't wear any make-up on her day off, but swears by certain products including Sisley moisturising cream to keep her skin glowing.

Alesha Dixon shares secret to flawless skin

Alesha Dixon doesn't use anything "overly fancy" on her skin.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge is "blessed" with a healthy glow, which she thinks is the result of giving her face "a break" from beauty products, every so often.

She said: "I tend to give my face a break from everything completely every so often. And also sometimes I use vitamin E oil or coconut oil just to really nourish my skin. I like to keep it quite simple. I don't do anything overly fancy to my skin, and I have been blessed in the fact that I do have good skin."

However, she swears by using Sisley moisturising cream and making sure she uses facial wipes to remove make-up before bed every night.

She told website CloserOnline: "I love Sisley moisturising cream. I use that pretty much every day before I put my make-up on. I always use make up wipes at night to take my make up off as that's really important. "

The 36-year-old singer also admitted when she is not filming for 'BGT' or making new music, she doesn't wear any make-up and she is "quite happy to go fresh-faced".

She added: "Yeah, I tend not to wear make up on my days off unless, you know, I'm going out for dinner or whatever. But I use quite light make-up, I tend to use foundation, a bit of blusher, a nice lip liner, and some mascara, but I won't pile it on. If I'm not going out I'm quite happy to go fresh-faced."

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