Alessandra Ambrosio fears she will rip her jeans

Alessandra Ambrosio fears she will rip her jeans when she wears the designs from her partner Re/Done's range.

Alessandra Ambrosio fears she will rip her jeans

Alessandra Ambrosio fears she will rip her partner's jeans.

The 35-year-old Brazilian model - who is engaged to the co-founder of the denim brand Re/Done Jamie Mazur with who she has children Anja, six, and four-year-old Noah with - has admitted she loves her partner's denim designs, although she finds them restricting and will avoid wearing them on Sundays in case they split.

Speaking to Vogue online about her partner's fashion line, the brunette beauty said: "I love Jamie's jeans, of course ... but I don't wear them on Sunday when I'm with the family at the beach, because it feels that if I move I'm going to rip them! I'll wear them out, but if I'm wearing hard jeans with no stretch then when I get home I'll change into sweatpants or something very comfortable."

And the mother of two has revealed she prefers Replay Jeans's new Hyperfree collection, which she is currently the face of, because she can freely move and complete a yoga workout in them.

She explained: "These [Replay] jeans are the perfect ones when I'm with the kids because it feels like you're wearing sweatpants, but they just look smarter. You can work out, you can do yoga in them; everything!"

Meanwhile, Alessandra's busy work schedule, which sees her jet off around the globe for red carpet events and shoots, has confessed she would prefer to ditch the modelling career to be a stay at home mother.

She said: "I get to go to amazing places, and meet such interesting people - people at the top of their game - and you learn so much from them and from all the different cultures you get to visit.

"To me, this is my college. You get to learn and be cosmopolitan. But the worst part is being away from my kids. Often they're not with me, so that's hard. Sometimes I just want to me an at-home mum, but I also love what I do. You have to find a balance."

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