Alexa Chung gets annoyed by festival fashion

Alexa Chung gets annoyed by "clique-y" festival style and believes people should buck the common trends to be more experimental with their wardrobe choices when watching live music.

Alexa Chung gets annoyed by festival fashion

Alexa Chung gets annoyed by "clique-y" festival style.

The 32-year-old presenter-and-designer has confessed stereotypical dressing for summer gigs "turns me off" because people emulate the same trend as others instead of channelling their individuality through their wardrobe choices.

Speaking to website WWD about her dislike of traditional music lovers' clothing, the brunette beauty said: "That's actually the thing that turns me off about it now, I think. I just don't like people to be dictated to. I think you should dress however you want. Again, it's another opportunity for what seems quite clique-y to be 'this is how you should be'. And everyone gets on the bandwagon.

"I think it just homogenises something that should be about self-expression and being yourself. That's the whole point of a festival. You get to finally see the music and the bands that really inspire you. When there is a uniform surrounding that, again - it's another exclusive kind of thing that, I think, is a bit annoying.

"You can get away with more in that scenario than perhaps you can at a cocktail party or somewhere else."

However, Alexa - who is a Contributing Editor for British Vogue - has revealed her style tips aren't accepted by friends because they view her dress sense as too laid back.

Speaking previously, she explained: "In my circle of friends, no one would ever ask me for fashion advice. They make fun of me fashion-wise."

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