Alexa Chung's failed fashion trend

Alexa Chung admits she once tried to start a cycling shorts trend but failed miserably.

Alexa Chung's failed fashion trend

Alexa Chung tried to start a cycling shorts trend.

The 32-year-old model admits she got quite "bigheaded" earlier on in her career and felt like she could make any fashion item popular so tried to reinvent cycling shorts.

Speaking on the Man Repeller podcast, she said: "When I first started doing television in England, I think other countries didn't necessarily know I was on TV and they just thought I was someone that wore outfits, which was fine and nice.

"And then I started getting invited to fashion shows and it seemed like I could do no wrong in terms of what I was wearing. So I got really, like, bigheaded and thought, you know what, I can start trends. This can happen. So then I started experimenting a bit more and the cycling shorts was the moment I realised that's not what was going on at all."

Meanwhile, whatever fashion trends Alexa wants to try next, she will make sure they are affordable as she still "feels uncomfortable" about spending a lot of money on clothing.

She shared previously: "I didn't want to lose sight of the fact that the way I put outfits together is still more high street than high-end on a daily basis.

"I get invited to events and I may borrow a dress, but if I'm getting something for myself it might be from Zara, mixed with something from Liberty. I still feel uncomfortable spending vast amounts of money on clothes."

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