Alexa Chung's friends bully her fashion sense

Alexa Chung has admitted her friends pick on her about her fashion sense because it's so laid back, yet she's seen as a style icon around the globe.

Alexa Chung's friends bully her fashion sense

Alexa Chung's friends "make fun" of her fashion sense.

The 32-year-old model may be seen as a style icon around the world but she has admitted her pals never ask her for advice on clothes because her dress sense is so laid back.

Speaking in the April issue of Glamour magazine, she explained: "In my circle of friends, no one would ever ask me for fashion advice. No one's ever like, 'Oh, that looks nice.' We don't talk about clothes really. They make fun of me fashion-wise. I'll walk in and they'll be like, 'Here she is, style icon Alexa Chung, ladies and gentlemen', and I'm in UGG boots and a cardie with some soup down it."

Meanwhile, this year looks set to be a busy one for the brunette beauty as she's gearing up to release her archive-based fashion collection alongside Marks & Spencer.

She said recently: "It was so fun to be given the keys to the Marks & Spencer archive and such a treat to get to cherry pick the very best of their vast collection of pieces.

"I pulled from stored garments, in-house magazines and TV adverts from various points in the history of Marks & Spencer to create the collection that I believe looks every bit as relevant today as it did then."

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