Alexa Chung's Marks and Spencer collection is 'sensible'

Alexa Chung's new line for Marks & Spencer, Archive by Alexa, is a "sensible" range and is good value for money.

Alexa Chung's Marks and Spencer collection is 'sensible'

Alexa Chung's Marks & Spencer collection is "sensible".

The 32-year-old model-and-presenter has revisited the department store's historical pieces for her 30-item Archive by Alexa range and practicality, quality and value for money were key criteria for her.

Speaking to Red magazine about the 'British-ness' of her collection, she said: "Yes, how sensible it is. I mean that as a compliment.

"We're an inherently practical nation because the weather means we have to be, and I think that practicality and emphasis on good quality, at a good price, is quite a British thing.

"Marks & Spencer's commitment to its customer, just like old-school manners, is almost a duty...

"I wanted to find specific blouses, school skirts and cool 1960s jumpers, so I went into the archives trying to match the items I had imagined, with the real-life pieces on offer."

The brunette beauty adored one particular garment she unearthed in the archive because it had a sentimental back story.

The Contributing Editor for British Vogue explained: "I found a tea dress that we didn't actually end up using in this collection, but which I loved because an old lady had donated it to the archive.

"She wanted it to be remembered when she died, as it was the dress she wore on her first date with her late husband. I cried."

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