Alexa Chung's memorable Marks and Spencer range

Alexa Chung has revealed her Archive by Alexa capsule for Marks & Spencer was inspired by her father's clothes she remembers him wearing as a child and her own old M&S outfits.

Alexa Chung's memorable Marks and Spencer range

Alexa Chung's Marks & Spencer range is inspired by memories of her dad wearing the high street chain's clothes.

The 32-year-old model has launched her Archive by Alexa clothing line for the British retailer, which is available in stores from Wednesday (13.04.16) and is comprised of 30 pieces historically associated with the company.

When she sat down to create her range, Alexa found her mind wondering back to when her dad Phillip Chung would wrap her up in his woollen jumpers when she was a child and the school uniforms she wore from M&S.

Speaking to The Times newspaper about her clothing line, she said: "I'm M&S man! I wanted this collection to reflect my personal interaction with the brand since childhood. My school cardigan and pleated skirt, my thermals, my dad's jumpers I used to wear to ride my pony.

"When I shop I buy the checked shirt, the Breton top. All the things I am drawn to I have come to realise I had a version of as a child. I am looking for things I have had already, but maybe with small tweaks."

Alexa - who is a Contributing Editor for British Vogue - has previously admitted to buying her first bra from the store and her motivation to bring a younger audience to the company that began selling clothes in the 1920s.

The star - who signed to Storm modelling agency at the age of 16 - explained: "I want to highlight to a new demographic, to younger people who didn't grow up in the 1980s, all the dependable, classic, practical things that first took me to M&S. It's a fresh take on what they are famous for."

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