Alicia Vikander's Disney inspiration

Alicia Vikander is thrilled people thought the Louis Vuitton dress she wore to the Academy Awards resembled Belle's gown in 'Beauty and the Beast' because her 12-year-old self has always wanted to be the Disney princess.

Alicia Vikander's Disney inspiration

Alicia Vikander wanted to channel her inner Disney princess when she attended the Academy Awards.

The 'Ex Machina' star - who was handed the Best Actress in a Supporting Role gong at the ceremony on Sunday (28.02.16) for her portrayal of Gerda Wegener in 'The Danish Girl' - was pleased people likened her yellow Louis Vuitton dress to Belle's gown in 'Beauty and the Beast'.

She said: "The 12-year-old in me wants to be Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast.'"

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old actress previously revealed she won't let her boyfriend Michael Fassbender help her decide what to wear on the red carpet.

She shared: "I work with a woman called Victoria but, and she's my dear friend and she inspires me a lot, but then when it actually comes down to what I'm wearing it's my own decision. It's all me."

And Alicia also recently admitted she uses hair extensions to create different hairstyles for her movie roles.

She shared: "I have been a loyal client of Vixen & Blush for three years and will never go anywhere else for my hair extensions. I'm often asked to change my hair for roles and now insist on having my hair extensions done in London by Danielle at Vixen & Blush as she is the only person I can trust to safely apply them!"

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