Amanda Seyfried washes her hair every five days

Amanda Seyfried follows a "super-low maintenance" beauty routine, and washes her hair "every five days", but uses dry shampoo to add texture and keep her blonde bob clean in between washes.

Amanda Seyfried washes her hair every five days

Amanda Seyfried washes her hair "every five days".

The 30-year-old 'Ted 2' actress has admitted she follows a "super-low maintenance" beauty routine, which sees her wash her hair once a week, although she relies on dry shampoo to add texture to her blonde bob and keep it fresh in between rinses.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to InStyle online, the star said: "Super-low maintenance.

"I wash my hair every five days, because the texture's pretty frizzy. I'll use dry shampoo in-between - Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (£18) is so great."

Amanda prefers to use barely any cosmetic products on her face and relies on a sweep of mascara, lip gloss, and multi-purpose coconut oil, which doubles up as a fragrance, to achieve a natural everyday look.

She explained: "If I'm going to meetings or seeing friends, I'll put on mascara and gloss, cover up pimples and go. I love coconut oil, like Artisana Organics, because it's so natural. I'll use it pretty much everywhere except my hair. Sometimes I even wear it around my neck as a scent if the weather's really hot."

And the blonde beauty has revealed her style icon is Cate Blanchett, and shares the same make-up artist as the Australian actress.

She said: "Ooh, Cate Blanchett. She always looks so poised and naturally beautiful.

"We actually have the same make-up artist Mary Greenwell- she's the first person who grabbed my face and massaged the hell out of it. It really works.

Meanwhile, Amanda likes to vary her workout plan because of her busy schedule, which sees her practice the combat sport Muay Thai or opt for a quick spin session.

She said: "I work out every day. I'm really into jump roping and use three kinds of rope - Muay Thai, speed rope and weighted handles - which work your body in different ways.

"If I'm in a hotel, I might use an exercise bike. You just have to keep switching it up."

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