Amber Le Bon: I'm 'annoyed' my mother isn't ageing

Amber Le Bon admits she is "annoyed" her 51-year-old mother Yasmin Le Bon is still not showing any signs of ageing.

Amber Le Bon: I'm 'annoyed' my mother isn't ageing

Amber Le Bon is "annoyed" that her mother Yasmin is not ageing.

The 26-year-old model is inspired by her mother's beauty routines but wishes she would start to show her age more.

When asked who her beauty icon is, she said: "My mum - she is the most beautiful woman. But she needs to start ageing because it's beginning to get really annoying ...

"She told me to play with make-up and get to know my face. I mean, she couldn't exactly stop three daughters from playing with her make-up. Tallulah, my youngest sister, would be our real-life doll - my other sister Saffron and I would use her as our model, piling red lipstick on her cheeks. Mum would come in and say, 'No, do it properly. Don't be afraid to experiment. You're only at home - we can take it all off in five minutes.'"

Meanwhile, Amber also revealed she shares her interest in fitness with her father Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon and relies on him for fashion advice.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I do barrecore, a ballet-based workout. It is so much fun but it is so hard. It's fantastic - my bum is on fire afterwards and my thighs are burning, but it works. And it strengthens my knees and hips as I'm prone to weakness in them, left over from a hurdling injury at school. Barrecore strengthens my legs but doesn't bulk them ...

"[He told me to] never wear too-tight trousers in public. He used to tell us an anecdote when we were growing up about performing on stage and wearing trousers so tight they split open."

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