Amber Le Bon loves 'mashed potato' sandwiches

Amber Le Bon "hates" green juices, but has confessed her favourite meal is a "mashed potato sandwich".

Amber Le Bon loves 'mashed potato' sandwiches

Amber Le Bon's favourite meal is a "mashed potato" sandwich.

Unlike most models, the 26-year-old star loves eating lots of carbohydrates, despite their potentially bloating effect, and is obsessed with mashed potato and even dips fries in the buttery side dish.

She revealed: "My favourite meal is carbs on carbs. I love chips dipped in mashed potato as well as mashed potato sandwiches. Sugar is like a drug - when I have withdrawal I get really mean and aggressive, so I allow myself a little."

Despite her appetite for potatoes and sweet treats, Amber tries to eat as healthy as possible but she is not a fan of super-nutritious vegetable smoothies and has to add citrus fruits and ginger to them in order to make them "tolerable" to her palate.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine about her diet, the brunette beauty said: "I hate green juices. They're healthy but I've yet to find one that tastes nice.

"If I have to have one, I'll opt for kale, spinach, celery, lemon, a bit of lime, and a shot of ginger. The ginger makes it tolerable."

Amber - who is the eldest child of Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon and his catwalk queen wife Yasmin Le Bon - is currently the face of Myla swimwear, as well as the high street brand Forever 21 and fronts the campaign for the hair care brand Pantene.

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