Andreja Pejic wants to 'prove' herself

Model Andreja Pejic still feels she has a lot to "prove" to the fashion industry after undergoing gender reassignment surgery last year.

Andreja Pejic wants to 'prove' herself

Andreja Pejic wants to "prove" herself.

The 23-year-old beauty has confessed she still feels she has room to "progress" as a model and is "excited" to show the fashion industry what she can do after undergoing gender reassignment surgery last year.

Andreja - who was previously told she would damage her career if she made the decision to transition from male to female - said: "I do want to progress and prove that I can do what any female model can and be a good spokesperson for a brand. I have a lot I can contribute to women and their concept of beauty, their standing. It's exciting - it's always a learning process for sure, but I think I have some good stuff up my sleeve."

The Australian model - who is renowned for her androgynous look and walked both the men's and women's shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week in January 2011 - also opened up about her "particular" sense of style and believes her fashion sense has evolved over the years leaving her with a "more classic" and "chic" look.

She told Into The Gloss: "I style myself, for the most part. I have fun with it. I did the jeans and t-shirt thing for a while. I think it's cool, but everybody grows up. Now, I want to have a very particular style, a more classic aesthetic. It's very flattering and makes me feel chic and feminine.

"I went through a rock 'n' roll phase, a grungy phase, and now I just want to do chic. All models go through stages, and although my stages have been a bit unique - I've done really cool, avant-garde stuff, and I'm happy to do whatever."

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