Ashley Tisdale's fashion inspiration

Ashley Tisdale's new collection of T-shirts was inspired by her own life and conversations with her friends.

Ashley Tisdale's fashion inspiration

Ashley Tisdale's new clothing collection was inspired by her own life.

The 'High School Musical' actress is creative director for the fashion brand Signorelli and recently helped to design a line of graphic T-shirts, with the inspiration coming from her own interests.

Writing on her website,, Ashley said: "The phrases on the graphic tees are basically inspired by conversations with me and my girlfriends. The collection includes sayings like "Let's Brunch" and "Need Coffee"; things that are easy to digest and resonate with women. It has a lot of me in it as the collection plays to common themes like travel, shopping and just being a girl boss."

And Ashley doesn't plan to stop with T-shirts, she is already working on a full women's line.

She explained: "It's been such a fun process as Creative Director working with Meredith, the owner of Signorelli, on everything. We vibe off each other's ideas, we have similar visions for the line; everything has been so organic.

We're already in the works of creating the Fall 2016 collection and will expand to a full women's apparel line with sportswear, dresses, sweaters, leather jackets and more! It's all so exciting and an amazing creative journey.

"I've always wanted my own women's fashion line and seeing this collection come together every step of the way has been a long time coming and just a dream come true."

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