5 step guide to using face masks properly

Get the most out of your masks with these tips.

face masks

Like a mini facial in a matter of minutes, face masks are the secret to happy, healthy skin. And no, they’re not just for women.

1. Know Your Skin
Masks are formulated to target particular skin concerns or problems. Some masks are meant to address more common concerns that people generally have, while others are targeted towards specific problems. Identify your problem and choose a mask that caters to that specifically.

2. Space It Out
We recommend masking twice a week for optimal results. Masks offer an almost instantaneous skin perk up and provide relatively fast results. Don’t use masks too often as you won’t be giving your skin a chance to rejuvenate.

3. Gender Neutral
Masks that are marketed for women are definitely also suitable for men, as long as the indicated use is suitable for the skin condition. Ultimately, look at the skin condition and not the gender marketing to determine which products will be effective.

4. Prep Beforehand
Always exfoliate and tone before applying the mask, as that helps to prep the skin for the mask to work more effectively. Avoid doing any strenuous activity that will cause you to perspire when your mask is on as well.

5. Don't Skimp
Refrain from applying too thin a layer. Masks need to be of a certain thickness to work well. Moreover, should the layer be too thin, the required amount of ingredients found in the mask may not be enough to polish and freshen up your skin.

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