Beauty tip: The secret behind socialite Jamie Chua’s glowing skin

“I put on two facial masks a day!” That — along with lots of discipline and a little help from laser treatments — is how entrepreneur and socialite JAMIE CHUA, 40, gets her glowing complexion.


8 DAYS: You look fantastic. We can’t see a single pore on your face. Pray tell us your secret.

JAMIE CHUA: I’m obsessed with hydration and applying facial masks! (Laughs) I put on two paper facial masks a day, one in the morning and one at night. But I’m very selective about the type of masks I use — I pick those that don’t clog my pores, so they have to be oil-free and contain rich hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

No matter how late I get home, I make sure I complete all four steps in my skincare routine — cleansing and applying serum, moisturising cream and eye cream. I try to use a toner only once a day. I find that it is very drying and the cotton pad used to apply the toner is abrasive on my skin. I also put on some hand cream and lip balm before I sleep and I never go to bed with make-up on. To increase the effects of my skincare, I go for laser treatments to firm up my skin, as well as chemical peels. It takes more discipline than time to get good skin. I started my skincare regimen when I was 14.

Tell us more about your new skincare line, Luminous1 by Jamie Chua. The skincare line is designed to be uncomplicated, ’cos I think that’s something busy modern women need. It focuses on brightening and polishing complexions. I personally like the serum called The Elixir. It has tomato stem cells with good anti-ageing properties. I recommend applying three pumps of serum to the face and neck and patting the serum into your skin in a circular motion.

As a busy businesswoman, how much beauty sleep do you get every night? I’ve been a night owl since I was young — I go to sleep at 1.30am and wake up at about 10am. I should believe in getting enough beauty sleep, but it’s quite difficult to achieve that! (Laughs) I like to wind down and watch a bit of TV or play games like Plants vs Zombies before bedtime, with my mask on my face. By the time I’m done with skincare, it’s past midnight!

We hear you grow your own vegetables in your garden. I’m trying to eat more organic. (Laughs) When I’ve put on a bit of weight and want to shed the extra kilos, I will eat more salads. I only eat brown rice — I avoid white rice completely. I also drink bird’s nest every day and take collagen supplements.


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