Korean make-up guru Ms Pony says go natural or cute

Korean makeup guru Ms Pony

By May Seah, TODAY

It’s hard enough for some of us to leave the house without a bit of make-up slapped on. Surely it must be even harder for a professional make-up artist and beauty guru with a reputation to upkeep? 

That was our burning question for popular Korean make-up artist Ms Pony. The YouTube star, whose real name is Park Hye-min, started blogging about easy make-up tips in 2008 and has published five books about make-up and beauty to date.

Ms Pony was in town recently for the launch of Etude House’s new flagship store at Wisma Atria, during which she gave a make-up demonstration. The store is the largest in the world and will offer some exclusive products.

Ms Pony is of the opinion that Korean make-up’s unique feature is that it focuses on the “natural” and “cute” look — and you really can’t get any cuter than Etude House’s princessy-pink products. And, of course, the natural look doesn’t come easy, you know.
Korean make-up guru Ms Pony says go natural or cute
Ms Pony at the launch of Etude House’s new flagship store in Wisma Atria. Photo: Jason Ho

Q: What is the most common make-up tip people ask you for?
A: I get a lot of questions. What Korean girls mostly want to know is how to prevent make-up from smudging or running. The tip I give them is to apply powder, especially around the eye, so that the make-up stays.

Q: Which make-up trend are you currently obsessed with?
A: Many Korean girls are interested in brow make-up. I study how brows can change facial expressions. Korean girls like straight eyebrows because they give a pure and innocent look, but I prefer more of an arch — it’s more natural. In Korea, though, I think the straight brow trend will continue.

Q: What is the one make-up trend that did not work for you?
A: Mostly, I wear make-up that matches my (skin tone). I am warm-toned, and when I apply cold colours such as a lipstick in a strawberry milkshake shade, it looks very awkward. So I try to find something that matches my complexion. There is a lot of information on the Internet to help you determine if your (skin tone) is warm or cool, but the best thing to do is to go to a clothing store and hold up clothes in every colour against yourself. Some of the colours will make your face stand out; some of them will look a little awkward.

Q: Do you ever leave the house without make-up?
A: As I do many tutorials, I have to keep my skin in its best condition. So, I don’t wear make-up for daily occasions such as riding in taxis or visiting the hospital. I don’t feel all that comfortable, but I keep those trips short! Without make-up, people don’t recognise me nearly as often!

Q: What is your favourite make-up product at the moment?
A: Etude House’s Lovely Cookie Blusher. The colours are very vivid. I have it in a warm tone that matches my skin. And since the powder doesn’t run, it looks natural. 

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