The new generation of skincare gadgets

Bye-bye salon visits, hello at-home beauty gizmos. The latest beauty gadgets don’t just do one thing — they are hardworking devices that pull double and triple-duty.

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What’s zapping: Uruoi Hot & Cold from YA-MAN

What it does: This pretty doodad from popular Japanese brand Ya-Man is called the Hot & Cold because it has two metal pads on opposite sides — one heats up and the other gets cold. The heated pad enables cleansing lotions and serums to be absorbed better into skin, while the cooling pad aids in skin rejuvenation and pore minimisation.

What we think: When we placed a cleansing milk-infused cotton pad over the hot pad, snapped it in, and rubbed it over what we thought was rather-clean skin, the pad came away with quite a lot of dirt. Apparently, the heat and ion treatment renders lotions and serums more effective, sending the good stuff deep into skin. When used together in a simple massage, the hot and cold pads sooth and revitalise skin.

$498 from Clariancy boutiques.

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