Bella Hadid doesn't like working out

Model Bella Hadid admits she hates working out but when she does go to the gym she hits it "hard".

Bella Hadid doesn't like working out

Bella Hadid hates exercising.

The 19-year-old model - the younger sister of 20-year-old Victoria's Secret star Gigi Hadid - accepts that going to the gym and staying in great shape is necessary for her work, she just doesn't enjoy it.

However, when she does workout she ensures she gives it 100 per cent effort.

Speaking to the March issue of Allure magazine, she admitted: "I don't like working out. But if you're going to do it, go hard. Don't bulls**t!"

As well as taking part in regular exercise, Bella also eats very healthily and monitors everything in her diet to help her cope with the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.

But Bella - whose mother Yolanda Foster and brother Anwar also have the illness, which is spread by ticks and causes migraines, weakness, vertigo and joint pain among other symptoms - still has a very healthy appetite.

She said: "(You have to make sure you) don't drive yourself crazy and not eat."

Bella has also shared her the details of what's in her makeup bag, and the contents are far more sparse than people would expect.

She shared: "All you need is eyebrow pencil, bronzer, mascara, and you're good."

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