Bella Hadid wants to be an actress

Bella Hadid wants to be an actress when her modelling career comes to an end so she can then focus "100 per cent" on one project at a time.

Bella Hadid wants to be an actress

Bella Hadid wants to be an actress when she quits modelling.

The 19-year-old model - who signed to IMG Models in 2014 - has admitted she would like to venture into acting "eventually" but only if her modelling career was to come to an end, because she can only be "100 per cent" focused on one task at a time.

Speaking to Elle online about a change in career path, the brunette beauty said: "I would like to act, eventually. But I don't want to do half-and-half. When I'm working for something, I'm very focused, and I put in a lot of hard work and a lot of training.

"I want to give 100 per cent to modelling for as long as it takes, and then when I feel that it's time to move on, I'd very much like to try acting. And I think I would like to be an actress―or at least I'd like to see if I'm any good."

Meanwhile, Bella - who won the Daily Front Row's Model of the Year Award this year - has revealed her busy schedule has been "non-stop" over the past few weeks.

She explained: "I've been travelling a lot more ... I've been really working non-stop. I was in Paris for a job when the [Elle magazine] issue came out; I was in New York; I was home [in Los Angeles] for like a second ... [And] I was just in Cannes."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty, who is a natural blonde, has revealed she dyed her hair dark to avoid confusion with her older sister and fellow catwalk star Gigi, 21.

Speaking previously Bella - who is currently dating singer songwriter The Weeknd, real name Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye - said: "I think because my sister and I are so close, it's nice to have the change [of hair colour]."

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