Bella Thorne cried over acne problem

Bella Thorne cried "every night for months" over her acne problem, which has made her self conscious about her appearance.

Bella Thorne cried over acne problem

Bella Thorne cried over her acne problem "every night".

The 18-year-old actress has admitted she wept constantly "for months" over her skin problem, which left her feeling "self-conscious" about her appearance during her childhood and she remains insecure now.

Speaking openly to InStyle magazine about her beauty battle with dermatitis, the 'Duff' star said: "I cried every night for months.

"It sounds silly to say that I cared so much about my face, but when you're a young girl, it takes a toll on your self-esteem. It's unbelievable how people looked at me differently because I had pimples. I'm still self-conscious about it."

Meanwhile, the red headed beauty revealed that despite her down days her coping mechanism is to laugh and not dwell on any negative issues in her life.

The former Disney star explained: "Friends have told me I'm a good person to have around when they are going through a tough time because I find a way to make them laugh, which is the biggest compliment.

"You have to take a deep breath, realize that whatever is stressing you out is not the end of the world, and trust that you'll move on."

Bella is currently the ambassador for the skincare brand Neutrogena.

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