Bella Thorne: I'm too lazy for fashion

Bella Thorne has admitted she is far too lazy to try on different looks and prefers to simply pick out new accessories to update her outfit instead.

Bella Thorne is too lazy to try on clothes.

The 'The Duff' actress has revealed she struggles to "get that excited" about fashion as while she enjoys picking out accessories, she can't be bothered to put on different outfits.

When asked if she enjoys choosing different looks for promo tours, she said: "I don't get that excited, just because I don't like trying on clothes. I love shoes and I love purses, but trying on clothes will be the death of me. I'm so lazy I don't like putting my hands over my head, that's the really biggest problem."

Despite refusing to spend time perfecting her look, the flame-haired beauty insists she doesn't feel anxious ahead of red carpet appearances.

She explained to Grazia Daily: "I don't get nervous because I've done quite a few of them. It's always different every carpet you step on and especially when it's your own movie it's nervous and exciting."

The 17-year-old actress has also admitted she would happily shun sporting designer gowns to star-studded bashes in favour of a bath robe after getting used to wearing one during the filming of the new comedy.

She explained: "You know what I wish though? That people would make it so robes were fashionable because all I do is wear a robe. I showed up in one today, I wore them throughout the movie [The DUFF]. You have to pry it off me."

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