Blake Lively blots blusher on her scalp

Blake Lively blots blusher on her scalp, the top of her nose and eyelids to achieve an all-over "asymmetrical" warmth to her skin.

Blake Lively blots blusher on her scalp

Blake Lively blots blusher on her scalp.

The 28-year-old actress has admitted she uses the rose pink cosmetic product, which is traditionally blended onto the apples of people's cheeks, all over her face, on her eyelids, and along her parting to achieve a natural and "asymmetrical" warmth to her skin.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to Vogue, the blonde beauty said: "I also like to have a light lipstick in my purse - just a kiss of colour. I'll blot on my cheeks and eyelids. I learned that from a make-up artist years ago - you take blush and put it on your cheeks, on the tip of your nose and wherever your parting is, as that's where you get the most sun. That way it never looks like blush, it looks like the warmth showing up on your skin, asymmetrically. Not like make-up."

However, the mother of one - who has one-year-old daughter James Reynolds with her husband Ryan Reynolds, and who are expecting their second child - doesn't like to look too "make-uppy" and will ditch a face full of make-up to adorn a layer of sunscreen and tinted moisturiser for her everyday aesthetic.

Blake - who launched her e-store and website Preserve in 2014 - explained: "On a day-to-day basis I just normally wear sunscreen, tinted moisturiser and nothing else really. Nothing really make-uppy."

Meanwhile, Blake - who is the spokeswoman for the beauty brand L'Oréal Paris - has admitted her skin breaks out "every time" she has a facial, which has been four times in her life, and has left her with "middle school puberty skin" afterwards.

Speaking previously the 'Gossip Girl' star said: "I've broken out every time I've had a facial. I've done it about four times in my life and every time I've ended up looking like a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch for middle school puberty skin.

"I wish I had a better skincare regime... I always want to say I have a good one."

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