Blake Lively's skin breaks out 'every time' she has a facial

Blake Lively has a breakout "every time" she has a facial, which has left her flawless skin looking like "middle school puberty skin".

Blake Lively's skin breaks out 'every time' she has a facial

Blake Lively's skin breaks out "every time" she has a facial.

The 28-year-old American actress, who is the spokeswoman for the beauty brand L'Oréal Paris, has admitted but she has only ever had four pampering sessions in her life time, which has left her flawless complexion looking like "middle school puberty skin" afterwards.

Speaking to Vogue online about her beauty dilemma, 'The Shallows' star said: " I've broken out every time I've had a facial. I've done it about four times in my life and every time I've ended up looking like a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch for middle school puberty skin."

Although, the mother of one - who has 17-month-old son James Reynolds with her husband Ryan Reynolds, and are expecting their second child - believes she has a "good" beauty routine she wishes it was better, although she forgets to continue with her skincare plan after a while and is forced to use any cleansing product she can get hold of.

The blonde beauty, who launched her e-store and website Preserve in 2014, explained: "I wish I had a better skincare regime... I always want to say I have a good one.

"When I come to Cannes, L'Oréal has every product I could ever need. And they're great, and my skin is so nice and soft and supple and clean and lovely ... and then I go home and I just like, wash my face with hotel soap because it's all I can find.

"But I like having a good moisturiser, especially at night, and cleaning your make-up off your face is the most important thing.

"I spent time in the L'Oréal laboratories and you get to see the differences in the anti-ageing studies - you see it working right there in front of you and it's amazing. And you think, why wouldn't I do this 37 times a day? But that's the hard part - you get excited and adopt a regime, but then you kind of forget it."

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