Brie Larson hates make-up

Brie Larson struggles to look at herself in a mirror if she's wearing make-up as she feels so "bizarre".

Brie Larson hates make-up

Brie Larson finds it "difficult" to see herself with make-up on.

The 'Room' actress doesn't feel like herself when she's glammed up and tries to avoid her reflection whenever she can.

She said: "When I have make-up on, I have a very difficult time looking in the mirror.

"I think it just looks bizarre to me. Every time I go to the bathroom today, I wash my hands looking down.

"Otherwise you go, 'Wah! I don't know what that face is. It doesn't look like me at all."

And the 26-year-old beauty finds it particularly "terrifying" if she catches sight of herself in a magnifying mirror.

She admitted: "I have this weird thing about not liking to see my face bigger than it is, if I were to be looking in a mirror."

Because of that, Brie can't bring herself to watch her movies in the cinema.

She said: "I find it terrifying."

Though the 'Free Fire' actress never feels nervous when she's working, she does get anxious once filming wraps.

She explained to Total Film magazine: "I never get nervous with the prep and I don't get nervous with the shooting.

"I only get nervous once it's done and then there's nothing I can do about it anymore."

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