Brooke Candy's style is inspired by cyber punk

Brooke Candy' style is inspired by "cyber punk" and "strange places". although the singer has revealed her eccentric style is only for performance purposes and she doesn't wear that much make-up every day.

Brooke Candy's style is inspired by cyber punk

Brooke Candy's style is inspired by "cyber punk".

The 26-year-old American singer has revealed her eccentric wardrobe choices are influenced by "strange places", and she describes her fashion sense as a medley of surrealism, '60s rock and Hollywood glamour, although she has admitted her wacky ensembles are only for performance purposes.

Speaking to Marie Claire online, the blonde beauty said: "I'm inspired by cyber punk but there's always an element of punk rock with anything I do. That's my spirit. I like the idea of mixing surrealism and a grittier androgynous punk element with really classic beauty like an old Hollywood glamour. I like to fuse.

"I just take inspiration from really strange places.

"Generally, I don't wear much make-up. I will just do a little bit of lip balm, a little bit of mascara. I mean I am so intense when I'm performing that I need the balance, I need to strip it all off. I think I would lose my s**t otherwise."

The 'Opulence' musician believes women need to embrace their individuality instead of following trends and striving to be "perfect".

When asked her thoughts on beauty at the moment, she said: "It's like the standard now, the Kim Kardashian [West] standard. I just think that it's slightly depressing. Women need to embrace their individuality, uniqueness and eccentricity. There's beauty in imperfection. I think if we can embrace that, it would be so powerful."

Meanwhile, the California-born rapper advocates self-care, which sees her regularly practice meditation.

She explained: "I meditate everyday. But you can go for a walk in the park, and that's mindful meditation. I practice yoga; I'm really healthy with what I put in my body. I have a vegan diet. I practice kindness really; I just want to project that. That's the most important thing."

Brooke, who collaborated with the MAC Cosmetics in 2015 on two lipsticks and one liquid eyeliner, has partnered with the beauty brand for a second time, and dreams of partnering with the late Spanish artist on a beauty range.

Speaking about her ideal partner on a business project, she said: "Salvador Dali. Or like, MAC Brook Kemp or Stanley Kubrick. But definitely Dali!"

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