Cate Blanchett 'traumatised' by daughter's first dress

Cate Blanchett bought her baby daughter Edith a black dress as her first ever frock but has admitted she was "traumatised" by the ordeal.

Cate Blanchett 'traumatised' by daughter's first dress

Cate Blanchett felt "traumatised" when she bought her baby daughter Edith her first ever dress.

The 46-year-old actress doesn't put her little girl, whom she adopted earlier this year, in pink clothes because she doesn't want her or her sons Dashiell, 13, Roman, 11, and Ignatius, seven, to feel they have to conform to their gender type.

She explained: "I was traumatised the first time I bought her a dress. It was a black one. I don't think I treat her any differently than the boys. And with the boys I didn't think, 'Oh I have a son.' It was always, 'What's this creature's personality?'

"I love fashion ... of course there's a very shallow side to fashion. There's also a very shallow side to film-making. But it doesn't mean that it's populated by only shallow people."

And, although Cate - who regularly receives praise for her red carpet looks - doesn't feel ruled by fashion, the 'Blue Jasmine' star recently admitted she spent her first paycheque on a luxury two-piece by the Italian fashion house Armani.

She said: "I spent my first paycheque after drama school on an Armani suit, which I've still got - and wear.

"Clothes are a huge part of the acting process. In a way they're the most creative aspect, because you don't always get a lot of rehearsal time, so the costumes can help coalesce all kinds of ideas."

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