Charli XCX launches new clothing range with

Charli XCX has partnered with online retailer for her latest fashion range Boohoo x Charli XCX Spring 2016 collection, which she describes as a "rebellious" range.

Charli XCX launches new clothing range with

Charli XCX has launched her Boohoo x Charli XCX Spring 2016 clothing range.

The 'Boom Clap' songstress has partnered with the British e-store on her third apparel range, which features 39 "rebellious" pieces that will be a medley of festival daywear and night time garments to follow her sell-out holiday range with the brand.

Speaking to website WWD about her latest fashion venture, the 23-year-old pop star, said: "I think it's just for any girl who wants to go out and have fun.

"The collection is about easy-to-wear, and it's easy to wear it in different scenarios, so definitely cool, young and probably a bit rebellious."

Charli has always aspired to be a fashion designer away from music, and as a child she had a sketchbook in which she would draw her clothing ideas.

The 23-year-old singer - real name Charlotte Aitchison - was involved in every stage of creating her new Boohoo line and she loved learning about the creative process from the experts.

She explained: "I did a full book of sketches and drawings when I was a kid. I always wanted to be a fashion designer, so it was kind of like in my brain playing out that role ... I think it was also watching movies like 'Romy and Michelle,' and even 'Legally Blonde' when she restyles herself as a lawyer. I like the idea of makeovers and I always used to draw dress ideas that I would want to have. I used to staple clothes together and my mum would get really annoyed because I would rip out her old clothes and staple them to make new stuff because I couldn't sew. I had to staple.

"It was really fun to be so involved in choosing the fabrics, learning what cuts work, and what you can do with certain materials. I pulled references from some of my favourite designers."

Boohoo x Charli XCX collection is set to include slip gowns, snakeskin and denim dresses, lace crop tops and a variety of accessories, all which will be available online at

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