Charli XCX says performing is her favourite workout

Charli XCX has admitted her energetic performances are her "favourite" workout, and maintains a slender frame with a balanced diet of sushi and pizza.

Charli XCX says performing is her favourite workout

Charli XCX says her on stage performances keep her fit.

The 23-year-old singer has admitted that the gym is "not her scene" and insists going hard on stage during her energetic shows keeps her in shape, alongside a diet of sushi and pizza.

Speaking to Star magazine about her fitness regime, she said: "Performing is my favourite workout. I do go pretty hard on stage. The gym is not my scene. I did an Insanity workout on tour for a while. It was hilarious.

"Does pizza-eating count as a sport?! That's good for biceps, surely? Lift and bite!

"I love sushi, but I also love pizza. Let's just say it's balanced!"

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker also loves to experiment with fashion and is inspired by things "that are wild".

She said: "Sexy and experimental. I like dressing like I'm in a 70s movie from time to time. I love 90s Versace and Chanel too.

"My favourite movies and my favourite rock stars always inspire me, from 'Jawbreaker' to Marilyn Manson. I like things that are wild."

The brunette beauty also named Britney Spears and The Spice Girls as her influencers.

Speaking previously she said: "From when I was younger, I was always fascinated by Britney Spears. I was always obsessed with her when I was a kid. I think that's what made me want to be in the music industry. I think her music is great.

"The Spice Girls were a big influence on me growing up, then Britney. Super, super pop stuff when I was younger."

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