Charlotte Tilbury had 'girl crush' on Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell trained Charlotte Tilbury when she was younger.

Charlotte Tilbury had 'girl crush' on Mary Greenwell

Charlotte Tilbury had a "girl crush" on Mary Greenwell.

The 56-year-old celebrity make-up artist has admitted the flame-haired beauty was obsessed with her when she was growing up because she was in awe of her work.

Speaking at the Glamour Beauty Festival at London's Saatchi Gallery on Saturday (12.03.16), Mary said: "She is amazing. I met her when she was 11. She had a girl crush on me, I guess. She wanted to be a make-up artist."

Mary also thinks Charlotte wouldn't have a career today if it wasn't for her because she took her under her wing and taught her everything she knew.

She explained: "So, her mother called me up when she was about 16; 'Darling, Charlotte wants to be a makeup artist.' I said 'Well, great, but she has to go to make-up school first because I have no idea if she is capable or not.' She did, and I said 'Also, I want her to call me herself. I don't want you, who I have known for a long time, to call me and say she want it.' So Charlotte picked up the phone, very nervously, and said 'Can I assist you?' and I said 'Of course you can, I love you, I know you, I've known you since you was a baby.' So she came aboard and that's how she took off."

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