Cheryl won't 'cake' make-up on to conceal her spots

Cheryl has learned not to "cake" make-up on to conceal her spots, and opts for a simpler beauty style.

Cheryl won't 'cake' make-up on to conceal her spots

Cheryl has learned not to "cake" make-up on to conceal her spots.

The 32-year-old former' Girls Aloud' singer - who is currently dating Liam Payne - has admitted she has been taught not to apply too many cosmetic products when she has a breakout because it makes her skin look much worse.

Speaking to Elle online about the beauty advice she has picked up over the years, she said: "Keep things simple and don't cake makeup on to hide spots because it makes your skin look worse.

"[And to ] play with make-up, be creative and don't be scared."

Meanwhile Cheryl, who is the spokeswoman for L'Oréal Paris, has revealed she always carries around the beauty brand's trusty hair spray, as well as a lip gloss and mascara.

Revealing her three essential cosmetic products, the 'I Don't Care' soloist said: "Lip gloss, Elnett hairspray and mascara.

"I use a Decleor Night Balm to hydrate my skin and I also love to apply oil at night, the L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil is great for this."

Cheryl showcased her latest tattoo on her chest of the Buddhist symbol Unalome, which represents the path to enlightenment, when she attended the Chopard Trophy Presentation during this years Cannes Film festival.

And this is the second ink the brunette beauty has revealed; six weeks ago she flaunted the miniature red-coloured heart tattoo on her middle finger, which is positioned just to the side of her cuticle.

Cheryl flaunted the body art on her Instagram page, which she captioned: "My new baby ink (sic)."

Meanwhile, the Newcastle-born star is in talks to collaborate with 'Seven Days' hitmaker Craig David, who has presented his new tracks to the 'X factor' judge in the hope she will perform them.

Speaking previously Craig said: "I have written some new songs in the studio and there are a couple of songs that I think would be fantastic for Cheryl and if she likes them and thinks they are right for her then great. But they are definitely garage-tinged records and depends on what vision she has got her album. But if she wants to go garage then come to the source!"

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