Chloe Lloyd: Contouring is my savior

Maybelline model Chloe Lloyd reveals the make-up tips that revolutionised her beauty regime and that she's "obsessed" with.

Chloe Lloyd: Contouring is my savior

Chloe Lloyd claims highlighting and contouring "changed her life".

The 22-year-old model credits being taught how to give her features more definition as the best piece of beauty advice she has ever been given.

She said: "Contouring and highlighting the bridge of my nose and cheekbones has changed my life, I'm obsessed with it.

"Being told not to pluck my eyebrows when I was younger has paid off too. I use a MAC eyeshadow and brush to fill them in at the moment, though sometimes I just use a pencil."

And Chloe also believes good lighting is key to taking the perfect selfie.

Asked her selfie tips, she said: "Good lighting. And don't over-edit or look too serious. Pout, but not with conviction. Pout like it's an accident."

But Chloe insists she is "low-maintenance" when it comes to her appearance.

She said: "I'm low-maintenance definitely. I take my make-up off, apply moisturiser, and put Bio-Oil on my skin if it's dry.

"Sometimes I use a facial tanner."

Despite her enviable figure, the Maybelline model insists she hates working out, though she does so regularly.

She told LOOK magazine: "I've got a gym in my apartment building, so I have to go. I have a personal trainer who helps too.

I never overdo the gym because I don't actually like it."

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