Chloe Lloyd has vowed never to wax again

Chloe Lloyd has admitted she sticks to shaving after getting her legs waxed once and promising herself never to go through the pain again.

Chloe Lloyd has vowed never to wax again

Chloe Lloyd prefers shaving over "painful" waxing.

The stunning model - who was recently announced as the new face and legs of BIC Soleil - admitted she swears by shaving to get rid of unwanted body hair, after vowing never to put herself through the agony of waxing after once having the treatment on her legs.

She confessed to BANG Showbiz: "I hate waxing, I've only ever got my legs waxed once and I was like, 'Never again, that's it.' It was painful and I hate pain.

"So I'm always buying new razors so I can be super smooth all the time. Also when you wax, you have it done but then you have to let it grow, and I always think, what do you do in between? Like for my job, I'm meant to be smooth all the time. I just can't handle that so shaving is the way to go for me."

The 22-year-old beauty - who has been dating Union J's Josh Cuthbert since last year - also revealed body make-up is her top secret for ensuring she looks "like a Barbie doll".

She explained: "I get dry skin so I'm always putting loads of moisturiser on and I love body make-up, face and body make-up is the best. If you have a bruise on your leg or any blemishes on your body, you can cover it up and it works amazing for getting really flawless, even skin.

"Mac face and body make-up is great if you mix it with a moisturiser. It makes you glow all night, you look like a Barbie doll when you do it and go a nice colour. It's a really good quick fix."

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