Christina Hendricks' matching beauty regime

Christina Hendricks likes to match her makeup to the colour of her hair as she regularly had to dye her locks for her role in 'Mad Men'.

Christina Hendricks' matching beauty regime

Christina Hendricks matches her makeup to her hair colour.

The 'Mad Men' star had to regularly change her natural blonde hair to flame red whilst filming for the drama series and admits she makes sure she reflects her hair colour in the makeup she chooses.

She said: "I find that when I go lighter I want to wear a bit more eye makeup. I'm so fair as it is and with my hair being lighter, I feel that I want to make my features pop a little more. I still wear the pinks and the corals on my lips because they work really well, but I also wear bolder eyeliners."

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old actress also admitted she is a "product junkie" and is happy to experiment.

She added to The Cut magazine: "I'm a product junkie. I love trying all new things. My basic day-to-day would be a Bobbi Brown foundation and I use Make Up For Ever cream blush. I love cream blushes because I have drier skin and it feels better.

"I'm a sucker for liquid eyeliner. I have been using more pencils recently but I sort of always go back to liquid eyeliner for an evening look, to be more dramatic. I also love lipstick. I wear lots of pinks and corals and I also have tons of reds."

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