Colin Farrell's natural eyebrows

Colin Farrell - who is known for his statement eyebrows - insists his brows are completely "natural".

Colin Farrell's natural eyebrows

Colin Farrell's eyebrows are "natural".

The 'Total Recall' star insists his statement brows have never been trimmed and are just that shape naturally.

He said: "My brows are large and I fear they're just getting bigger through the years. I don't do anything to them though - just keep them natural."

The 39-year-old actor has had to pull off a number of a hairstyles and different types of facial hair for his various roles over the years but insists any style he has to try needs to be "simple and fast".

He added to Marie Claire magazine: "The hair and make-up process on a movie really depends on the role but I like to keep it simple and fast. The bald cap that I had to wear in 'Horrible Bosses' was really hot but the hair and make-up crew on set were great so it was a fairly easy process for me.

"I had to grow a moustache for 'True Detective' and 'The Lobster'. In 'True Detective' I was able to shave it off after the first three episodes, and it felt great! In 'The Lobster' the moustache was a little more simple so it was easier to maintain."

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