Crystal Renn would never have botox

Crystal Renn has confessed she would never have botox and prefers using homemade beauty products to maintain her glowing complexion.

Crystal Renn would never have botox.

The 28-year-old supermodel has revealed she isn't interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures and prefers to use home-made products to maintain her youthful complexion and self-taught beauty tricks to enhance her features instead.

She said: "I have this lip trick - I have these exfoliating witch hazel pads, and I do like a real scrub with them on my lips. I go inside the mouth, which brings blood forth to the lips. You look like you just had Botox, which I won't do. But if I need bigger lips immediately, for a shoot or something, I can do this, and it really works."

Crystal added she often shuns expensive face creams and uses olive oil to keep her skin hydrated.

She said: "I take pure organic olive oil and make myself a salad on my face. Skin immediately receives olive oil, where it's harder for lotions to absorb as fast. I rub it all over my body then wash it off so I'm not a grease thing."

The brunette beauty also swears by doing yoga in the middle of the night to help her achieve a "sound mind" before going to bed.

She told Into The Gloss: "Sometimes when I come home, I'll do midnight yoga just to deal with my emotional self before going to bed. The day is confusing, it's intense, it's whatever, and I really believe in a sound mind before I go to bed - if that means doing yoga until 1am, so be it."

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