Daphne Guinness has 'never' understood fashion

Daphne Guinness has "never" understood fashion and believes the industry is largely flawed.

Daphne Guinness has 'never' understood fashion

Daphne Guinness has "never" understood fashion.

The 48-year-old - who was the fashion muse for designers Alexander McQueen and the creative director of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld - has admitted she didn't consider herself as part of the "fashion world" and believes the industry should come with a danger sign because she deems it "nasty" and "cynical".

Speaking to The Times newspaper, Daphne - who assisted the late Isabella Blow on magazine photo shoots - said:"I was never part of the fashion world and I never understood it.

"Isabella Blow was a family friend. I only worked with her by mistake because she kept disappearing.

"Fashion should come with a health warning. Issy made all these deals for other people and never saw anything from it. Lee [McQueen] was a really good friend, as was L'Wren Scott, and I saw how it's a nasty, cynical industry."

Daphne - who is the heir of the brewery brand's founder Arthur Guinness - has revealed her disinterest in the industry left her embarrassed when she interviewed the late musician David Bowie about his costumes prior to the 'Starman' hitmaker's exhibition.

The mother of three - who has Ines, 21, Lex, 25, and Nicolas, 27, with her ex-husband Spyros Niarchos - explained: "He asked me to interview him about his costumes for the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A, which was embarrassing because I didn't know anything about them. When we were little we just had the front and back of his album covers to go by."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty, who is known for her extravagant dress sense, has revealed her eccentric style and elaborate wardrobe choices are a result of her shyness.

She explained: "The truth is ... the look is actually a product of shyness, of keeping people away. I don't really know anything about fashion, and when I was at school you dressed according to the music you liked."

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