David Gandy aims to 'shock the body' when he works out

David Gandy has admitted he only works out a few times a week but he likes to make sure he switches things up a little every time.

David Gandy aims to 'shock the body' when he works out

David Gandy like to "shock the body" when he works out.

The 35-year-old model likes to hit the gym at least "three to four times a week" to ensure he keeps his killer abs and bulging biceps as tight as possible but he has admitted his routine is fairly simple and he relies heavily on switching it up.

He explained: "Normally, I train three to four times a week and my training changes so that I'm always shocking the body and the muscles. It always consists of weights and super sets and sometimes circuits. I'll go from two weeks of heavier weights and lower reps to weeks of medium weights and super sets."

And, despite having a globe-trotting career, the handsome star doesn't let his workouts slack when he's out of town.

He added: "Then when I'm travelling and away for work I do a lot of body weight exercise."

Meanwhile, David - who is dating Mollie King - has just released his new sports loungewear from Marks & Spencer.

He said: "Men want style in all aspects of their life. I wanted to design styles that could be worn pre and post-workout, as an extension to my loungewear collection.

"The new styles have been designed in premium fabrics, with flattering cuts and with the traditional sports detailing such as engineered seems adding style to essential wardrobe items."

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