David Gandy expanding Marks + Spencer's range

David Gandy has revealed he is expanding his Marks & Spencer's casual wear range later this year.

David Gandy is expanding his Marks & Spencer's range.

The 35-year-old model has revealed he is set to add more lines to his current crop of pyjama outfits and underwear for the British clothing store.

He shared: "I wish I could talk to you more about what I'm working on. I'm always under scrutiny (so) I can't really say much.

"I've got my new line with M&S and that's going very well and we have a very big launch in May, which I'm not allowed to talk about but it's an expansion of the line."

Alongside fashion, David also writes columns for GQ magazine and the Daily Telegraph newspaper but has joked he is unsure why he has been asked to pen anything because he is "totally illiterate".

Speaking at Jaguar and Land Rover's Eve of Show party, he quipped: "I don't know why people want me to write - I'm totally illiterate but anyway, people seem to enjoy it. And then I've got all my charities on top of that as well."

Meanwhile, the hunk admitted it was "really exciting" launching the underwear lines for M&S.

He said previously: "It's a really exciting time for me, seeing the collection that we've worked on for almost a year go into stores all over the world. Being able to visit some of those, meet customers and fans and see their reactions to the range we've created is something I'm looking forward to a lot - I hope they like it!

"I've focused heavily on the detail of every product from the quality of the fabrics, great comfort and fit, to the signature houndstooth print that features on the packaging and internal linings.

"Hopefully, together, we have created an underwear range that is unique, offering a premium range available at high street prices."

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