Dita Von Teese: I'm a glamour evangelist

Dita Von Teese has admitted she is a "glamour evangelist".

Dita Von Teese: I'm a glamour evangelist

Dita Von Teese is a "glamour evangelist".

The 42-year-old entrepreneur has become a major force in the world of lingerie design and has revealed she's "trying to remind people what glamour really means".

Dita explained: "For some it may be private jets and wealth and Louis Vuitton or all these things, but glamour is walking into a room and people wanting to know more about you and creating a mystique.

"We can be whoever we want to be and you don't have to lament what you're weren't born with.

"Most celebrities travel with a 'glam squad', and that's totally respectable, but I really want to encourage and inspire woman to put it in their everyday life.

"There is nothing I am doing that is magic. I do my own hair and make-up and it is just finding ways of infusing glamour into your normal life."

Dita said wearing attractive-looking lingerie is one way of feeling glamorous, although she admitted to occasionally pushing the boundaries too far.

She told news.com.au: "I guess lingerie is a great way of doing it as it doesn't take any extra time it's just takes a little bit more careful selection and understanding

"You don't just have to lead straight to the cotton white things to have something that is also functional.

"I am a 'glamour evangelist' and yes, I may take it a bit too far sometimes but sometimes you just need to be willing to try new things."

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