Downton Abbey set for fashion exhibition

'Downton Abbey's lead costume designer Anna Robbins is hoping there will be an exhibition of costumes from the show.

Downton Abbey set for fashion exhibition

The costumes of 'Downton Abbey' may form a new exhibition.

Many cast members of the period drama have requested to keep pieces from the character's wardrobes now the show is coming to an end, but lead costume designer Anna Robbins is keeping a "firm eye" on them so they can go on display at some point.

She said: "I know some of the actors have been coveting pieces like the jackets and evening dresses, which could definitely work off set with jeans or on the red carpet.

"But I'm keeping a firm eye on them so they can be archived for a potential exhibition. Watch this space!"

With the final episode of the show airing tomorrow (25.12.15), Anna thinks she's saved the best outfits until last.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I've stockpiled my favourite pieces over the last two years especially for the finale.

"I knew Julian [Fellowes, 'Downton Abbey' creator] would have a lot of plot twists up his sleeve, so I wanted the costumes to go out with a bang too!"

Anna spent a long time sourcing outfits for the show and sometimes purchased them years in advance.

She admitted: "One of my favourite purchases is a fur-trimmed high-collared orange and green coat that Lady Edith [Laura Carmichael] wears when she first kisses Bertie Pelham [Harry Hadden-Patton] when she's staying in Gregson's apartment.

"I actually bought it at the beginning of series five, but Edith wasn't in the right place to wear it.

"When she spent more time in London, editing Gregson's magazine and starting an independent life in series six, it was like her butterfly moment - she was finally emotionally ready to wear it.

"It was so lovely to show a character coming out of her shell and showcase an original piece while doing so!"

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