Drew Barrymore plans to extend beauty line

Drew Barrymore has revealed she wants to expand her beauty line to be sold across the world in the likes of Australia, the United Kingdom and China.

Drew Barrymore plans to extend beauty line

Drew Barrymore is planning to extend her beauty line.

The 'Miss You Already' star's own make-up range, Flower Beauty, has been available exclusively in Walmart for five years but she now has plans to branch out to countries across the world including Australia, the United Kingdom and China.

Despite opening her range to a wider market, the mother-of-two - who has daughters, Olive, three and 20-month-old Frankie with husband Will Kopelman - doesn't want to "hike up [her] prices," the New York Post newspaper reports.

The 40-year-old actress sees the expansion as a "big opportunity for [the company] to attract new customers" and whilst she wouldn't disclose sales figures, she insisted Walmart "would drop [them] like a hot potato if [they] didn't deliver".

Meanwhile, Drew previously revealed she believes her beauty range "empowers" women.

She said: "I think [the average Flower customer] is like me. Which sounds very insular, but I think she has good taste, she knows the difference between quality and something made haphazardly ...

"I love the word aspiration because aspiration can still be realistic, but it's like the better version of you and your life and it is empowering. When you feel good about yourself you project something that is far more confident and empowered and joyful then when you are scrambling and not feeling your best."

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