Drew Barrymore wants to launch a clothing line

Drew Barrymore wants to extend her beauty brand Flower to include a clothing line in the future because she thinks it will be "fun".

Drew Barrymore wants to launch a clothing line

Drew Barrymore wants to launch a clothing line.

The 41-year-old 'Miss You Already' actress, who launched her make-up line Flower in 2013 and has since added a range of accessories to the collection, has admitted it would be "fun" to extend her brand to include a clothing capsule in the future .

Speaking to Hamptons magazine about her future plans for Flower, the entrepreneur said: "Beauty, eyewear, and fragrance are all an above-the-neck category. It would be fun to explore the same philosophies we have in apparel. Stay tuned for that!"

Meanwhile Drew - who is signed to IMG Models and has remained a CoverGirl cosmetics model since 2007 - has revealed her inspiration behind the cosmetic capsule was to create products which will bring "empowerment and happiness" to women and encourage females to feel their best.

She explained: "Flower is about finding the highest quality and finding a new way to make it affordable. It's also about positive messaging. Women need make-up, but the make-up should enable empowerment and happiness in women. Bring out your best self and no one else.

"Our make-up is about luxury and prestige formulas. We have the exact same ingredients as you find in the department stores. The eyewear is also made with the same materials that are in the expensive designer eyewear, made out of the exact same labs. We tried to bring a chic approach to the vision center. Our fragrance is a true eau de parfum made at Givaudan, the number-one fragrance house in the world. It is extremely challenging."

Drew has confessed she is overwhelmed by the success of her brand.

She said: "It's the highlight of my life. To make anything that makes any women happy is more than a job well done. There is an emotional pay off like nothing else.

"We are in the beauty business, but we're in the joy business."

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