Elizabeth Olsen is 'self-conscious' of her breasts

Elizabeth Olsen is "self-conscious" of her breasts, and is forced to squeeze into ill-fitting dresses on red carpet events that draw attention to her assets.

Elizabeth Olsen is 'self-conscious' about her breasts

Elizabeth Olsen is "self-conscious" of her breasts.

The 27-year-old actress - who reprised her role as the Scarlet Witch in 'Captain America: Civil War' - has revealed she is "expected" to fit into ill fitting clothes for red carpet events that aren't designed for busty females, which makes her feel wary of her assets.

Speaking in the June issue of Allure magazine about the problem with styling, she said: "The clothes we're expected to fit into aren't sizes; they're samples. They're not made for chicks with boobs, so I'm very self-conscious about having them.

However, the blonde beauty has revealed she doesn't enjoy selecting her outfit for and fears being "judged", although she enjoys selecting her outfit for friends and family occasions such as weddings.

She explained: "I have fun choosing an outfit for my best friend's wedding, but not [something] I'm going to be judged in."

But the 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' star has admitted she will never stop being compared to her older twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, both 29.

She said: "You know you're going to be compared [with them] for the rest of your life."

Although Elizabeth credits her actresses-turned-fashion designer siblings with "impeccable" taste, and because she doesn't have the same petite body type as they do, she doesn't have as much choice when it comes to her own wardrobe.

Speaking previously she said: "They have impeccable taste and what they make is mind-blowing. I'm not remotely as cool as either of them and I often feel like I don't have as many options clothing-wise as they are very petite."

However, Elizabeth fears social media is pressuring younger women to portray themselves as someone they aren't.

She said: "With social media, there's this need to be constantly seen and approved by others.

"Everyone is their own publicist and it's such a self-aware world. For young girls there's a pressure to create an image of yourself, which might not be reflective of what you're dealing with internally. I find that scary."

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