Elle Macpherson plans to launch her own fragrance

Model Elle Macpherson plans to release her own fragrance

Elle Macpherson plans to launch her own fragrance

Elle Macpherson is in talks to "create" her own perfume.

The 52-year-old Australian model - who began her career in 1980s and boasts a career spanning 35 years - has admitted plans are "on the cards" for her to launch her own fragrance and has revealed she has been wearing a men's aftershave for three decades.

In an interview with The New York Times, the blonde beauty said: "I've worn Vétiver by Guerlain - it's a men's cologne - for maybe 30 years. I smelled it on somebody once, and then I wanted it for myself. But I'd like to create my own perfume. It's definitely on the cards."

And the former 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' host, who already has a lingerie line 'Elle Macpherson Intimates', has launched her own 'WelleCo' powder supplements, with the recent addition of sleep-inducing tea and calming essential-oil mist.

Meanwhile, the mother of two - who has Arpad, 17, and Aurelius, 13, with her ex partner Arpad Busson - has revealed she rarely spends time on applying make-up, although she will not leave the house without lathering on the sunscreen.

She explained: "Being based in Miami, sunblock is my best friend.

"I like a very natural face. I don't really wear any foundation at all.

"I'm not someone who will spend an hour on make-up. I'm lucky if I spend 10 minutes, even when I'm going out. Concentrating for hours on your face -- I don't think it's healthy.

"I get recommendations from dermatologists or make-up artists. I like hearing about things word of mouth because there is so much product out there now, and they all come in such beautiful packaging, and they all promise the world. I get it confused, so that's why word of mouth is key."

And the entrepreneur, who has been credited with the title 'The Body' because of her super lean figure - has revealed she prefers working out with her friends, rather than a personal trainer.

Speaking about her fitness regime, she said: "For me, it's more about the sport. It's not about needing to get a workout in or losing weight. I don't spend time at a gym. I don't have a trainer. But I do have friends who I love to do these activities with."

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