Ellie Goulding's pink-themed fashion disaster

Ellie Goulding has admitted her "crazy" fake tan with her candy pink hair and matching dress at the Elle Style Awards five years ago was her biggest fashion disaster.

Ellie Goulding's pink-themed fashion disaster

Ellie Goulding's biggest fashion disaster was matching her hair colour with a pink dress.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker wore a baby pink tulip dress that coordinated with her candy floss toned locks at the Elle Style Awards in 2011, with the combo then being made worse by "crazy" fake tan.

Looking back at all her years in the celebrity spotlight, Ellie is certain this is her worst ever outfit.

Speaking to Vogue about her worst wardrobe malfunction, she said: "I know that one quite well. It was at the Elle Style Awards five years ago. I had a crazy fake tan that was the darkest I've ever had, and then I wore a baby pink dress and had matching hair."

The blonde pop star - who is currently on her 'Delirium World Tour' - also remembers she struggled to wash her fake tan off in time for the BRIT Awards the next evening.

She added: "It was the Brits the next day and I had to wash that tan off. I was wearing a Vivienne Westwood gold dress with Louboutins, which was just a word away from the night before. Oh dear - one must not Google one's self."

Despite the luxury brands the blonde beauty has adorned, Ellie relies on one simple garment.

Speaking about her favourite item of clothing, she said: "An Acne poncho. I wear it almost every day without fail. I take it to the car with me on the road, on the tour bus, to the venue. I never know whether it's going to be cold or what to put on and it is so handy."

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