Emma Watson hated her 'strong' eyebrows

Emma Watson has admitted she used to despise her bushy eyebrows but has now learnt to embrace them.

Emma Watson hated her 'strong' eyebrows

Emma Watson used to hate her "strong eyebrows."

The 25-year-old actress has admitted she was tempted to over-pluck the tiny hairs above her brown eyes because she despised how bushy there were but was persuaded otherwise by her mother and now loves her dark features.

Speaking to an audience to the sold-out Emmanuel Centre in London recently, she explained: "I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows. As a nine-year-old I desperately wanted to pluck them and make them two thin lines. You come to embrace these things. My mother desperately tried to tell me that they gave my face character, don't be ashamed."

Meanwhile, the former 'Harry Potter' star - who joined the franchise when she was 10 - admitted she pretended to be "boring" because she felt so uncomfortable in the spotlight.

She said recently: "I spent most of my time trying to convince everyone I was incredibly boring because I needed privacy and a minute to figure myself out.

"I used to have to go numb and close myself off, for example on the red carpet, just to get through it."

The 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' actress used to feel "inadequate" because she struggled to keep up with her more self-assured friends when she was growing up.

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