Eva Mendes is 'embracing' ageing

Eva Mendes wants to "embrace" ageing and insists she feels increasingly comfortable in her own skin as she gets older.

Eva Mendes is 'embracing' ageing

Eva Mendes wants to "embrace" ageing.

The 'Hitch' actress has confessed she isn't interested in appearing younger than she is and is more than happy to look her age as she feels comfortable in her own skin.

The 41-year-old star said: "I want to embrace the process, not try to fight it. There is a lot of anti-ageing dialogue out there. But there are positive things that happen to your face, too. I feel better in my own skin the older I get and I want to grow with myself and work with people who celebrate that.

"I have an amazing makeup artist named Genevieve Herr who understands that as well. Our goal when I get ready for an event is never to make me look like I did when I was 26."

Eva - who has an eight month-old daughter Esmeralda with her long term partner Ryan Gosling - also shared her top beauty tips and ensures she keeps hydrated throughout the day to keep her skin looking red-carpet ready.

Speaking to the Estée Edit about her favourite "transformational" beauty secret, she said: "Hydrate. For me, it really does start with what I put into my body and if you're not hydrating, you really see it in your skin. Sometimes, like most women and most new mums, hydrating is not on the list of priorities. I just forget to drink water! So now I start my mornings with warm water and lemon, before my coffee. That little tiny thing reminds me to drink water throughout the day."

The brunette beauty - who is the face of Estée Lauder's New Dimension skincare range - also takes the time to relax in the bath to rebalance her body.

Asked to name the most important part of her beauty regime, she explained: "A hot bath. I usually add Epsom salts but for me, its really about going into a body of water, whether I'm at home or not. A warm bath is ideal, but even if it's a pool or a river or an ocean, to submerge myself into a body of water resets my molecules. It's important to submerge my head was well, even if I don't have time for a blow out!"

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